Your Life Post-Retirement: Find Your Purpose and Enjoy Your Freedom

Most of us spend our lives dreaming of retirement. We envision ourselves living our golden years to the fullest and with absolute ease.

Vacations to exotic destinations, free time to pursue your hobbies, stress-free weekdays, and so much more. We spend so much time dreaming of retirement that when it finally comes, most of us are overjoyed – then reality sets in.

While retirement CAN be all the above and more, many retirees find themselves a few months into retirement and bored. When we don’t have anything to fill our day with or an objective to achieve, things can get old pretty fast.

Turns out the secret to a happy retirement and maybe an even longer life, is having a sense of purpose.

Studies show that adults who have a specific sense of purpose and clearly outlined goals tend to live longer than those who don’t.

If you’re struggling to find your purpose post-retirement, explore some of the below suggestions to help you find your “why” and enjoy your freedom.

1. Get involved with local organizations and causes

According to studies, people who volunteer report being happier and healthier than those of us who don’t volunteer. The reason? Well, that’s up for debate, however, it’s easy to speculate that it might have something to do with the fact that many volunteers feel passionate about the causes they work with and get to see firsthand the impact they’re making.

This sense of purpose allows them to observe life from a unique perspective of contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Try getting involved with non-profit organizations in your area that focus on advocating for and helping causes that matter to you.

Some suggestions for local organizations to seek out are:

  • Animal Shelters 
  • Homeless Shelters 
  • Environmentally focused organizations 
  • Art Preservation Societies 
  • Local Schools

2. Pursue your passions

This one may seem obvious. If you’re looking for your purpose, you may hope to find it in your passions! Explore the things you never had the time to try before and go into it with an open mind.

You may find that things you previously thought were your passions aren’t things you want to dedicate your life to, but that’s okay! Don’t be discouraged and continue to explore different passions and look for gaps within them that your unique experiences may be able to fill.

3. Be open to trying new things

Don’t write anything off before you try it! If you avoid new experiences, you may just miss out on something you enjoy and that could possibly become your purpose.

The same can be said for anything “new” – People, places, things, hobbies, etc! Be open to it all in pursuit of learning and finding the things that ignite your passions!

4. Just do it!

Don’t convince yourself that you need to find your life’s purpose by tomorrow.

Pursuing things you’re passionate about, finding your purpose, and living your life to the fullest are HUGE accomplishments – they’re achieved over the course of entire lifetimes, not just a few days. Explore your values, find your passions, and pursue the things that make you happiest at your own pace.

The most important thing is that you START your journey and continue on your path to self-discovery for the years to come. Let the rest work itself out!

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