The Best Home Improvements for Under $20

The Best Home Improvements for Under $20

Everyone has a few things in their house that could use a fix or an upgrade. Or maybe you’re a constant improver and enjoy making fixes around the home. Either way, it’s fun to make improvements in the house, but it can get costly! We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of home improvements that are under $20! Even small adjustments can add value to your home or comfort to your life, so check them out and see what appeals.

New Paint

Now we’re not suggesting you try and paint the house by yourself—that is best left to professionals. However, painting a wall or a piece of furniture can transform a room. Even adding a bright trim to a room could be fun. Try experimenting with different colors or different kinds of paint. Do wear a mask if using any spray paint and remember, it can make a mess, so paint furniture outside or put a plastic covering on the room, so nothing gets painted by accident.

Window Treatments

Curtains are the frame of the window—literally. If your shades or curtains are old or drab, switch them out and give the room a whole new look. Make sure to choose an inexpensive fabric or try the paper shades they sell at most home good shops. Some are so easy to use, they stick right on the window frame! If you’re savvy with fabric, buy something fun and make your own.

Shelves And Hooks

If you have many trinkets, any collectibles, books, or anything else that would look great displayed, try installing a few shelves around the room. If this is not a task you can do alone, find someone who can help you put them up or have the store do an in-home assembly. A few shelves aren’t expensive, and it’s worth it to be able to see all the things you love every day.

Organize The Entry

Keep the dirt out of the house! Create an entryway that looks great and stays clean. A simple boot tray for shoes and boots and a row of hooks can work wonders if you’re short on space. If you have a dog, maybe a shelf or easy to reach basket for the doggy leashes, towels or whatever else you need for walks.

Bedside Storage

If you do not have what you need easily accessible by the bed, this is your opportunity to rectify that. There are many options here from buying an inexpensive antique from a Flea market to repurposing an old storage basket or piece of furniture. This improvement is for your comfort, so if you need a charging station or a place for medications, make sure this new piece adds to your peace of mind!

Create An Office Space

Find a corner or small closet to create an area for your office. Use an old table or desk as your work surface. You can repaint it if necessary for a fresh look. Add a few pictures, a chair, and a desk lamp, and you’re ready to go whether it’s work or connecting with family on social media.

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