How To Warm-Up The Nursing Home

How To Warm-Up The Nursing Home

Most seniors want to age in their own homes. In fact, 90% report they want to stay in their own home, so when some have to make the transition to a nursing home, it can be challenging. Doing everything you can to make the nursing home feel like a new home, is the first step to making this transition go smoothly. Making the nursing home feel comfortable becomes vital. There are lots of little fixes you can make to brighten a room and make it feel cozier. If there is the ability to spend money on the new place, many seniors enjoy an opportunity to get new furniture, flat-screen tv or other home items they can enjoy. Here are our favorite tips for making the nursing home feel more like a real home.


Bedding is your first opportunity to create a splash of color and change within the room. There is so much to choose from in bed linens, and maybe there is a favorite blanket or particular pillow that will also help make it a special place. But, don’t throw the old stuff away just yet. Store it somewhere to ensure the new bedding works. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where they want their old things back, and they’ve been thrown away.

The Walls

Cover the walls with photos, pictures, posters, or paintings that will brighten the room and boost your mood. If you have lots of beautiful images, put them up where you can see them. If you enjoy art, make sure your favorite pieces follow you to the new home or buy some new ones to love.


Some nursing homes will allow you to change the curtains but make sure to ask before you start removing things from the room! Whether you’d prefer bright new curtains, or blackout shades, put the curtains that will work best for you. If the place gets nice light, maybe simple paper shades will do. Changing the curtains can make a room feel much warmer without having to make a significant change.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants can transform a room. They add color and life and can almost make you feel like you’re not alone. Real flowers and plants are best, but if that isn’t possible, fake ones look amazing too. This is a quick, easy fix that makes a huge difference.

Give Us Light!

Few places come with enough light. Whether you need a reading lamp by the bed or a chair, or you need bright light to illuminate the room, buy a few lamps to ensure that the place is well lit.

Display Personal Items

If you have lots of beautiful pictures in little frames or collectibles that you feel safe bringing with you, we recommend bringing them and displaying them so you can have treasured items visible. Maybe a music box by the bed will create comfort or pictures of kids and grandkids on the desk or table will bring joy. Even old trophies or games might be fun. Our personal items carry energy with them, so bring whatever will energize the room for you.

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